DPRK Human Rights & Refugee Advocacy Group

Canada’s leading advocacy group

With seven university chapters and hundreds of student advocates and general volunteers across Canada, HanVoice is Canada’s leading and largest non-profit for North Korean human rights and refugee issues.



Our mission

Voice to the voiceless.

We seek to be a voice for the voiceless. We seek to mobilize Canadians to affect change in the lives of the North Korean people ("the 99%").


Our Projects

Whether inside, outside, or in transit from North Korea, we support the North Korean people ("the 99%") in whatever way we can.

We believe each of these projects, in their own right, help advance the North Korean human rights and refugees cause: for the North Korean people, by the North Korean people.


HanVoice Pioneers Project

Recognizing that the North Korean human rights movement needs articulate, passionate, English-proficient advocates, HanVoice created a 6-month program, which annually offers a North Korean refugee special training in advocacy and leadership, in addition to an internship with a Canadian Parliamentarian. 


The North Korean Resettlement Program is an initiative that we are pushing as a part of our ongoing advocacy efforts. We urge the Canadian government to adopt a Private Sponsorship for Refugees-like program that would allow everyday Canadians to sponsor North Korean refugees.

Grassroots Activism

We have 7 university chapters. Our chapters play an integral role in promoting HanVoice's grassroots movement, by targeting the hearts and minds of our country's future leaders, and informing them about the North Korean human rights and refugees crisis.

From McMaster University to the University of Toronto to the University of Western Ontario to Queen’s University to McGill University to York University to the University of Ottawa, we’re there.

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My family and others are still suffering. I feel it is my responsibility to speak for them.

Seongmin Lee, Pioneer / Read Full Article.



Be part of the movement!

North Koreans need a voice. And we seek to lend that voice. 

As a non-proft, HanVoice is made alive and its vision actualized by partners such as yourself who sustain us with your interest, time and contributions, no matter how small or big.



We are always looking for individuals, who are passionate about North Korean human rights and refugees, to join us.


As we are a completely volunteer-run organization, 100% of your donations go directly to our programs.

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