To educate, enlighten, and empower.

Project E is a program run by HanVoice in collaboration with the North Korea Strategy Center (NKSC) in South Korea, which seeks to educate, enlighten, empower, and spark an epiphany within the minds of everyday North Koreans.

HanVoice aims to increase the everyday North Korean's awareness about the realities of their country through powerful comparison with the outside world, and, ultimately, to promote a desire for change from within.


How does it work?

Project E works by sending USB keys containing objective information - such as a Korean-version of Wikipedia, documentaries, and movies - to North Korea.



The short answer is yes. However, recognizing that there is already a high demand for such foreign goods in North Korea, HanVoice's only objective is to meet a demand that already exists. We, working with the NKSC, seek to minimize the risks associated with on-the-ground efforts and USB access.

How will this project be implemented?

In partnership with the NKSC, HanVoice acts as a funding partner for the distribution of USBs. HanVoice is not directly involved with the operations and organization of personnel in this project. The NKSC is responsible for the coordination of safe routes throughout South Korea, China, and North Korea.

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MAY 2015

Information is the key to change and the more information that reaches North Korea, the more change we will see.

Christopher Kim, Executive Director / Read Full Article.