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The Hanvoice pioneers project

Meet Alice.

In an effort to build and empower future generations of North Korean advocates and leaders to make lasting change, we have the pleasure to present you our newest Pioneer: Alice Kim.

Join us on July 26 at our annual launch party, as we warmly welcome Alice.



People ask me, ‘Do you love Kim Jong Un?’ But it’s just in the ideological world. It’s not our reality world.

Ellie Cha, Pioneer / Read Full Article.



The Hanvoice pioneers project

Raising up the next generation of leaders.

Recognizing that the North Korean human rights movement needs articulate, passionate, English-proficient advocates, HanVoice created a 6-month program, which annually offers a North Korean refugee special training in advocacy and leadership, in addition to an internship with a Canadian Parliamentarian. 


How does it work?

The HPP candidate is a refugee with a passion to learn and spread the word about human rights abuses in North Korea. The pioneer comes to Canada to work with our own advocates and policymakers in building their skillset to advocate on their own.


3 months in Toronto.

The Pioneer will receive specialized hands-on and integrated training in Toronto, which includes:

  • Advocacy and leadership training (including development with respect to persuasive writing, giving effective oral testimonies, public speaking, strategic thinking, and leadership skills)
  • English language lessons to increase English proficiency
  • Hands-on advocacy work with HanVoice

The Korean Canadian Women's Association (KCWA) and JAYU are our partners in education, training, and leadership development.

3 months in Ottawa.

The Pioneer will participate in an internship with a Parliamentarian's office in Ottawa to witness the mechanics of democracy and walk the Halls of Power. This will provide our Pioneer with extraordinary exposure to policymakers and equip the Pioneer with an understanding of effective advocacy at the highest level of government.

The Honourable Senator Yonah Martin is our Parliamentarian partner in Ottawa.

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